What is Impact

Impact is a series of events providing the opportunity to interact one-on-one with key media, influencers and targeted audiences. Impact is the gateway to forming authentic relationships by providing those crucial touchpoints.

Why Impact Outerbike

Impact Outerbike Moab provides both a great venue and excellent logistics for brands to launch new product. The October event provides an additional touchpoint on the calendar for those whose product timelines didn’t align with the Impact Sun Valley event in June.

Impact Outerbike Overview

Impact Outerbike provides you with a convenient and well established event touchpoint to introduce new bike related products. Employing the guiding logistical expertise of Western Spirit, you can preview your latest innovations to a select group of media prior to the Outerbike demo.

Once the private media component is concluded, you can then give highly qualified consumers the opportunity to ride and use your new launch products in the Outerbike demo. This combination gives your brand the one-two punch of high-level media editorial coupled with crowd sourced reviews all in one place.

Impact Outerbike Programming

Porcupine Rim

Take advantage of the stunning terrain, views and Outerbike shuttle service by heading out with editors on the Porcupine Rim Trail. Load up in Western Spirit support vans and get dropped off high in the La Sal mountains. Use the next 4,000 vertical feet of classic Moab singletrack to educate media on the benefits of your new innovations to help shape a good first impression.

Design Your Own

Certainly the Porcupine Rim Trail offers up a fantastic opportunity to showcase new mountain bike product, but maybe it’s not the ideal arena for your latest innovation. We want to help you put your best foot forward and we can get creative to make that happen. We can tailor a ride experience that best highlights the points you need to communicate about your product. Let’s talk!