Content marketing is a popular tactic, but how will Facebook’s new algorithm affect your business? It’s a question that a lot of brands are asking right now. The answers are many, but the central one is this: That depends on details of your Content Marketing Strategy.

Is Your Brand a Facebook Publisher?

Changes will affect publishers on Facebook. Most brands have developed a content marketing strategy for their business. Part of that overarching plan typically now includes posting content on Facebook. If this describes your brand’s content strategy, then you ARE a publisher. As a result, the new algorithm will affect you.

Facebook’s most recent algorithm reset directly addresses publishing content on its platform. One aspect is meant to help weed out poor, irrelevant content clearing the way for engaging, high quality content. But there’s more to it than that, and it will directly affect your future content marketing strategy.

The Facebook Content Back Story

For years now Facebook has been allowing brands to grow their audiences. It started during the platform’s early boom when simply starting a business profile on Facebook was enough to ensure organic reach. Facebook rewarded businesses that adopted their platform for brand communications by helping them build followings.

Looking back, the endgame of this tactic seems clear. It was arguably done to build Facebook’s own reach before ultimately commodifying the channel. This would enable them to begin charging brands on Facebook to reach their owned audience. That time has come.

Is Content Marketing on Facebook Over?

So getting back to how Facebook’s algorithm change will affect your business. The days of organic reach are gone. But, is this doomsday for content marketing? In short; No.

Facebook is still one of the best places to publish your branded content. As of Q3 in 2017, Facebook had 2.2 billion active users and is the undisputed largest social media platform in the world. The size of the user base, and the relatively low barrier to entry in terms of ad spend required to target and reach audiences should still make publishing on Facebook an attractive element of your overall content marketing strategy.

About the author:

Adrian Montgomery is a marketing specialist and CrankTank Vice President.

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