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CrankTank takes pride in gaining the best results for our public relations clients. PR is one of the critical pillars in a wholistic earned, owned, and paid media brand strategy. And PR is the first point in determining the plane of the media playing field, educating potential and existing customers about new products through authentic and unbiased third-party influencers. As well, prominent public relations results provide valuable content for new product initiatives and ongoing brand marketing.

The Best of CrankTank PR

Public Relations Team

Mark Jordan is a PR veteran who cut his teeth in journalism before taking the bicycle Global Communications helm at FOX Factory. His product knowledge and long-standing relationships within the bike and outdoor recreation world give him the inside track when earning media results.

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Lars-Erik Johnson got his public relations start at SCOTT Sports before segueing to the agency side. The paired brand and agency perspectives have helped him leverage great placements for his clients in bike, outdoor, and triathlon.

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