Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the key to any online company’s success. Without it, even the most robust and elegantly designed digital sales platform will remain both invisible and unproductive. We can help you unlock hidden potential within your owned audience, as well as broaden your company’s reach to help broaden your brand awareness and set your sales on a new upward trajectory.

CEO Consulting

We understand that managing staff can be a puzzle, but clear goals and direction can make the whole picture come together seamlessly. We’re here to lend our experience and C-level management skills to guide you in making the crucial decisions necessary to get your company on a healthy track and take it to the next level. 

EMail / SMS marketing 

Email Marketing is consistently a top-5 referral path for E-Commerce sales amongst our clients. We work with Klaviyo to provide advanced Segmentation, Personalization and Automations that drive revenue for brand who sell direct. 

Paid Media & Direct to Publisher

We have the experience investing in Google & Facebook/Instagram to deliver a positive Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) so you see excellent sales and a solid return on your investment. Same goes for investing in digital ads via recognized media providers, we want your brand growing.

Website Design & eCommerce Optimization

Fruitful online sales are predicated on a smoothly functioning digital platform. When it comes to your company’s website, the user experience, merchandising, SEO, and all the minutiae that add up to successfully growing your brand’s sales online are our specialty. 

Public Relations

Earned media is a pillar in any fully integrated strategy and one we can help build. Earned results provide you with both third party credibility and accredited content to help promote your brand to targeted audiences.

Amazon & Walmart Channel Management 

These two marketplaces continue growing as consumer sales maintain their ecommerce shift. Any brand setting its sights on increasing digital sales needs to consider them in their strategy. Brand discovery here can help broaden your company’s audience, and ensuring a level playing field in your multi-channel approach will fuel growth and maximize sales.

ecommerce Reporting & Insights

Reporting is key to measuring success. We build a custom dashboard for each of our clients to put all the key data they need to monitor progress in a single place. Whether you’re most focused on traffic, conversion, or other sales metrics, we aggregate your key data points and deliver them to your inbox every day.

Succession Planning

Let us evaluate your business so that we can optimize your organization. This will provide you footing for meeting your goals and preparing your business for the next step. We provide you with a neutral assessment of your company’s standing, and guide you in picking the right path to reach your objectives.