Scott has over three decades of experience in the bike, outdoor and winter sports industries. He has worked with Reynolds, Nutcase, Club Ride, SCOTT Sports and Cannondale in senior leadership positions. CrankTank was formed in 2016 to provide CEO consulting, marketing strategy, digital marketing expertise and succession planning to growing companies. With an experienced and dedicated, staff CrankTank serves brands in search of outstanding marketing, increased sales, higher margins, leading to sustained increased profitability. Think+Crank™

Scott’s Expertise

Senior Management

International Business Expansion

Financial Planning

E-Commerce & Traditional Marketing

Brand Building & Authenticity

Investor Relations

Recent Ventures

In 2016, I became CEO of Nutcase helmets where we managed a turnaround that brought the company to profitability in a matter of months through better expense controls and sales channel management. We implemented a MAP pricing policy taking out off-price retailers and replacing them with a managed pricing strategy that supported our retail partners. This enabled us to increase sales via our DTC channel through both our own website and via Amazon, all within MAP restrictions. This combined with innovative new helmet designs and timely introductions got the company growing. Eventually we sold the company to Bravo Sports.

From 2012 to 2015, I was the CEO of Club Ride Apparel. When I started with the company, it was a small start up. We took the company to the next level by improving products, hiring key staff, and organizing bank and private equity financing to support 13.5X times sales growth by the time I left.

In 2004, I joined Scott Sports to reintroduce Scott bikes to the US market. With our strong team, sales for Scott Bikes North America grew from zero to the largest product division (bike, ski, moto, outdoor, run) in the US. We added a global bike marketing strategy before the company CEO bought back the company.


Reynolds Cycling

CEO 2017 – 2019

Highlights as CEO of Reynolds

  • Product Development: Implemented good, better, best product strategy
  • Development of distribution channels, OEM, distributor, B2B, DTC
  • Improved financial planning
  • Improved company culture
  • Managed and improved company sales process
  • Streamlined operations across all departments.


CEO 2016 – 2017

Highlights as CEO of Nutcase

  • Improved product planning
  • Improved and streamlined investor strategy
  • Functioned as the lead sales operations manager and improved sales planning and strategy
  • Direction on new marketing and branding for the company
  • Improved financial budgeting and banking
  • International sales and subsidiary management

Club Ride

CEO 2012 – 2015

Highlights as CEO of Club Ride

  • Rapid growth and addition of staff including CFO, Designer and Marketing
  • Development of distribution channels
  • Implemented and oversaw advisory board of industry veterans
  • Budgeting process established
  • Raised capital
  • Formal BOD
  • Rebranding
  • Full sales force in bike and outdoor industries
  • International trademarks and distribution established

Scott Sports USA

Founder 2004 – 2010

Highlights as Founder and CEO of Scott Sports

  • Re-introduced Scott bike line to the United States
  • Grew the division to over $20MM in revenue with over 700 dealers
  • Hired staff and sales team for US office
  • Developed branding guidelines for US market
  • Involved in global product development


Co-President 2003

Highlights as Co-President

  • Managed restructuring of bicycle division
  • Returned company to profitability before emerging from chapter 11
  • Created presentations to prospective buyers
  • Co-developed SARP, 2004 Business Planning


Vice President Marketing 1994 – 1998

Highlights as Vice President

  • Created and implemented global marketing plan
  • Founded Volvo-Cannondale mountain bike racing team, Saeco-Cannondale road racing team
  • Joined Cannondale Board of Directors, took Cannondale public


Founder and President Cannondale Japan 1991 – 1993

Highlights as Founder and President

  • Founded Cannondale Japan, a sales, marketing and distribution company
  • Started trading division to source and purchase components in Asia, increasing global gross margins
  • Developed Asian distribution network


Founder and President Cannondale Europe 1991 – 1993

Highlights as Founder and President

  • Founded Cannondale Europe, a sales, marketing and distribution in Netherlands
  • Pro table within four months of starting the organization
  • Grew to approximately 50% of sales parent company


Various Positions 1984 – 1989

Various positions here included customer service manager and director of purchasing. 

Junior Development Cycling Foundation

Founder / President 1999 – 2000

Highlights as Founder and President of JDCF

  • Recognized need for grassroots cycling development and executed on that need
  • Created a foundation to develop junior cyclists
  • Hired director to build the foundation
  • Integrated foundation into USA cycling

Early Ventures

In my earlier years, I worked with my father to build Cannondale, starting with the company at age 11, and coming on full time after completing college. In 1987, I moved first to Europe and then to Japan to start Cannondale Europe and Japan, both of which were rapid growing and highly profitable divisions for Cannondale.

When I left in 1997, the company’s sales supported an IPO, and Cannondale was the premiere global bike brand. Later, I returned as co-president to help manage Cannondale’s restructuring.

My specialty is managing businesses. I build brands at a reasonable cost, raise funds when needed, locate the talent to innovate exciting product lines, and integrate eCommerce and Brick & Mortar sales for a seamless marketing plan.

No business grows without setbacks. I have experienced almost every difficult scenario a company can encounter. I am comfortable navigating challenging situations that require bank, BOD, and stakeholders all pulling together to return the company to health. CrankTank’s goal is to help companies make the best products, to find opportunities to improve sales, increase margins, and improve cash flow.


Rollins College

Orlando, 1984

Major: Business Administration
Minor: Communications

Columbia University

Italy, 1989

Marketing Seminar

International School of Management

International School of Management

Paris, 1990


International School of Management

Harvard Business School

Boston, 1997 – 1998

President MBA Program