Black Friday Cyber Monday (BFCM) is near, here’s what you need to do to prepare for success

Performance Advertising and Paid Social


We are requesting that each client go into Google Ads and Meta Ads payment methods and check your current funding sources. Check the credit card expiration date, make sure you will have the credit line to cover the increase in ad spend over the shorter duration but higher average daily spend. Pay your credit card bill in advance of the sale period if need be. Signal to your bank that you may have a higher than normal spend in the period so it doesn’t get flagged. While you’re at it, add a backup funding source just to be safe.



Email & SMS Marketing


Same approach here with regards to funding source in Klaviyo, make sure we have an active card and adequate credit limit. Bear in mind we will be sending MORE Campaigns and Flows during BFCM than normal, so your monthly plan will need to increase. We will check to be sure all accounts are set to “auto-upgrade” for both Email and SMS in the case we need more sends than your current plan allows.



Shopify + Apps


It goes without saying that you will need a stable funding source for your Shopify monthly subscription and Apps. Double check the funding source because an outage would be costly during BFCM





Reach out to your Account Manager if you’re unsure of where these setting are located. If you’re stuck, email and we will get you sorted.


Adrian Montgomery

Chief Technology Officer