At CrankTank, we enjoy the Bike, Outdoor and Wintersport markets we serve. Each year we take a day off from Digital Marketing and enjoy some time in the Backcountry skiing and snowboarding on our annual Cat Ski day. It’s not only a great time to get to know your colleagues in an aventurous setting, it’s also a chance to test the gear from our clients.

From left to right; Andrew Graves, Nowel Pawliw, Nate Hoff, Scotty Peck, Lars-Erik Johnson, Rebecca Gianini, Joseph Adorante, Anna Howard, Arian Montgomery, Scott Montgomery, Cole Casperson and Nick Montee.

The team experience over 12,000 ft of vertical via Snow Cat. Conditions were primo in the Sun Valley region with over 10″ of snow falling the niight before. Fresh Tracks!

Left image: Account Manager Nick Montee

Right Image: Account Executive Nate Hoff

Left Image: CFO Cole Casperson
Right Image: CEO Scott Montgomery

There’s something magical about following your passion for the Outdoors and aligning your career path with the activities you are devoted to. At CankTank we like to work hard and play hard.  

Left Image: Account Coordinator Scotty Peck
Right Image: Account Manager Anna Howard
Left Image: Creative Director Nowel Pawliw
Right Image: CTO Adrian Montgomery

Left Image: Account Executive Lars-Erik Johnson

Right Image: Graphic Designer Joseph Adorante

Image: Social Media Account Manager Rebecca Gianini